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    Secure Data Recovery specialise in Data Recovery Services and it is for this reason we also understand that there are times when you need to be assured that data is not recoverable!

    For this reason we also offer data sanitisation services!

    Next time you recycle or sell a computer, phone or tablet think about how much sensitive information was stored on this device. Then consider that all the deleting or formatting you have done could allow for its recovery. So before you decide to dispose of your electronic device bring it to us and we can ensure it is impossible to recover your data by using approved data sanitisation processes.

    There are many options available with data destruction and sanitisation depending on the media as well as whether you want to reuse the media. It is for this reason we ask you to contact one of our specialists today.

    We offer Data Destruction and Sanitisation for many devices including:
    • Desktop and Laptop PC’s
    • Desktop and Laptop Mac’s
    • Servers (including RAID configurations)
    • Removable Hard Drives (External HDDs)
    • USB/Flash Drive
    • SD/Memory Card
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