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    Choosing the wrong data recovery company usually leads to permanent data loss.

    Small, flat-rate data recovery firms can be enticing to consumers, since they offer low pricing and no-recovery-no-charge results.  However, these firms often expect a high percentage of unrecoverable cases. They use the same routine techniques on every case, recovering less than half of hard drives on average and an even lower percentage of RAID arrays, solid-state drives, and flash media devices.

    This approach is obviously risky, particularly if the data is of importance to you.  Try to stay away from inferior data recovery firms as a failed recovery attempt will degrade any type of media, and lead unnecessarily towards permanent damage.

    Here at Secure Data Recovery, you can expect not just world class expertise, but world class service – going beyond data recovery to provide you with personalised attention, dedicated Case Support, and strict confidentiality.

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  • Data Recovery in Canberra, Australia

    If you’re based in Canberra and looking for a fast, cost-effective and reliable data recovery in Canberra, Australia service, then your search is over. SDR (Secure Data Recovery) has helped thousands of Australia-based customers recover valuable data from hard drives, RAID servers, USB drives and all other types of media storage device, and can reunite you with your data in no time.

    We can diagnose the vast majority of cases over the phone and will provide a full quote with no hidden costs.

    Our engineers are ready to provide custom solutions for any data recovery crisis you might be encountering. With our solid base of experience, dynamically evolving techniques and top-notch lab facilities, you can rest assured that you will be reunited with your critical data as quickly as possible.

RAID Recovery

Data Recover Canberra (Australia)  based businesses with sophisticated RAID data storage arrays can be hugely disrupted if their systems fail, costing time and ultimately hurting profitability. We can have respond to your data recovery emergency at any time of the day, any day of the week and can restore your RAID system.

External HDD Recovery

We offer data recovery services for external hard drives, USB memory sticks and personal devices such as laptops and iPods/iPhones.

Hard Drive Recovery

Data Recover Canberra (Australia) businesses rely on us to repair and restore hard drives that have been damaged by either mechanical or logical faults. If your hard drive proves to be unrecoverable, we can still restore the lost or inaccessible data and place it on a storage medium of your choice (USB memory stick, etc).

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