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    Secure Data Recovery specialise in recovering lost data from all brands of hard drives. These drives can be used internally as found in your desktop/laptop PC/MAC or external devices (these often include devices often connected to your computer via USB, Firewire or Thunderbolt). We also recover data from hard drives in RAID configuration these are often located in Servers.

    Below is a list of the main devices which we can recover data from there hard drives:
    • Desktop PC/iMac
    • Servers (Single and RAID)
    • Laptop PC/Mac
    • SANs, NASs, SNAP Servers
    • Portable Hard Drive (External Hard Drives)
    • Removable Hard Drives
    Some of the main symptoms requiring specialist services:
    • Hard drive is making abnormal sounds (knocking, grinding, clunking or whistling)
    • Hard drive is smoking or burnt
    • Operating System issues (not booting, hanging or freezing)
    • Accidental actions causing Data Loss (Deletion, Formatting, Partitioning)
    • Computer System not able to detect drive


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